About Will Kaa

​Hey Will Kaa here. I guess you came here to learn a little about me, right? 

My mission is to have a positive impact on ​peoples lives by helping them get more of the four freedoms.

The four freedoms are:

  • Time Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • ​Freedom of Choice
  • Freedom of Purpose

​When you have the four freedoms you basically OWN YOUR LIFE..

​You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want ~ Zig Ziglar

​So First, Lets Talk About You
​What is your Number One Priority Right Now?
Your Main Priority
  • Create Extra Income?
  • ​Create Financial Freedom?
  • ​Have Your Own Business?
  • Have More Spare Time?
  • Personal Development?
  • Help Others?
  • Meet New People?
  • Retire sooner?
  • Leave a Legacy?
​Ask yourself....
Why did you pick that one?
​Why is that one important to you?
​What are the consequences of not having that opportunity?
​Why would that worry you?

​What if I could show you how building your Personal Brand Online could help you achieve this?

Your probably saying to your self that this is to good to be true, Right?

Well it is totally possible and there are people out there doing the exact same thing right now. The only difference is that they made a commitment to change. Remember Nothing changes if nothing changes. If not building your own Personal Brand, what will you do? If not Now, When?

The Journey to Freedom is not easy and requires hard work, persistence and patience. ​But if you are willing to commit to the Journey You will find yourself in a position where you can have the four Freedoms.

My Story

I grew up in a small country town in Gisborne, New Zealand not having a clue about what I wanted to do in life. All I was interested in was cars and sports. Not having any family members or mentors in business it was the same old story of "Go to school, Get a good paying Job". No one spoke of finding what your passions are and do what you love. So I went to school and just started working in different industries, working in dead-end factory jobs just earning enough to have an average lifestyle.

I then moved to Australia looking for a change and still ended up working dead-end factory jobs. I still had a passion for exercise and decided to become a Personal Trainer and help people get in shape. It was fun training and helping clients, but it was hard work making sure the bills were paid on time. I struggled to get new clients as I had NO BUSINESS SKILLS! No business skills and know one to look to for help, So I did what I knew and got a second job back at a factory to make ends meet and put food on the table.

Will Kaa Journey Through Business. Personal Training and Network Marketing.
My Main Lessons 
  • Invest in Yourself with Personal Development through books and audio books.
  • Find a Mentor and Model someone who has what you want.
  • Don't Give Up. Your probably missing only one piece of the puzzle.
  • Embrace the "NO's", Not everyone wants what you have. Find the people you can help.
  • Show people how you can help them achieve the results they want.

The Worst Christmas Ever. Most of us look forward to Christmas as one on the best times of the year, Right? Personal trainers or gym goers could relate to this but during December the Christmas holiday periods you can expect your income to drop to almost nothing, clients go away and never come back, spend all their money and neglect their fitness, so earnings for a personal trainer can go extremely low. Image your income dropping from your primary income; your partner is home looking after a toddler with a second child on the way, You still have your second casual job but the week before Christmas they inform you there is no work for three weeks during the Christmas holidays. My income is virtually gone. No money for Christmas gifts, Rent and utilities still to be paid as well as Business Hire cost to the gym I worked at($240p/week). Savings were gone, I was Broke and Going backwards FAST!

Will and Aj

Network Marketing Ray of Hope. We managed to get through that Christmas due to my beautiful partner's ability to make something out of nothing. But I never forgot and life moved on, working twice as hard to claw back to where we were. Then we met some cool people who became good friends that introduced us to the wonderful world of mlm. We joined the company, and our mindset started to change, it was a battle, we sucked and failed in that company, but my partner and I were both put on the path of self-development and we never looked back. What I never gave up on the idea network marketing was the key to freedom, I just needed to find the right mentor and coach.

Find your Mentor. Constantly seeking new information by reading books and listening to the audio I began to build up sets of skills I could use in my business. I never gave up on personal training and with my two little girls as my why, I made the decision to be at home more and decided to create my personal training studio from home. I could see the trends of building a business online and like the LAW OF ATTRACTION a mentor appeared and he helped me to build a website for my business. He showed me what was possible online, and my mind was blown!Model your mentors and set up systems. This new knowledge was put to use, and my business instantly started changing. We found others mentors out there doing what we wanted to do, and we modeled their systems and created our own.Network Marketing Again? Not long after learning about online marketing, I was approached again to join an mlm opportunity. This time, I was hesitant as I was already moving towards my ideal lifestyle. I looked at the opportunity and liked what I saw, but I said NOT RIGHT NOW.

Kaa family

Nothing changes, if nothing changes. Are you looking for a change? Are you struggling for leads? Do you want to grow your business? Do you want more time, money and freedom? 

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