Network Marketing Tips Should I Pay For Someone to Get Started

pay to play

Do you need to pay to play in Network Marketing?This is a common question that keeps popping up.That question is, should I pay for someone to get started in my Network Marketing Business?My answer to that question is a flat out NO!You have to Pay to Play!Why?​Because..People who DON’T PAY, DON’T PAY ATTENTION!People who PAY […]

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How to Build Your Personal Brand With Video Marketing – MLMGAMEUP008

Video Marketing

In this episode we are going to talk about how to build your personal brand with Video Marketing.Todays podcast we will cover the up and coming trends for video in the future. Why you need to start creating video content today, what stops us from creating video and some tips on creating video, getting over […]

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Switch, How to Change When Change is Hard for MLM – MLMGAMEUP007

change switch

​Change is hard for new reps getting started in your MLM or Network Marketing Business. You can make change easier with 3 basic principles in the book SwitchTodays podcast is about Change. Its basically lessons that I learnt from the book Switch written by Chip and Dan Heath. How to Change, When Change is Hard.  You […]

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