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Video Marketing

In this episode we are going to talk about how to build your personal brand with Video Marketing.

Todays podcast we will cover the up and coming trends for video in the future. Why you need to start creating video content today, what stops us from creating video and some tips on creating video, getting over your fear and making an impact on the world today.

 You can find todays show notes over at I have the video version of the podcast. If you would like to leave your feedback you can do that also.

Other than that guys, remember your only one person away from an explosion in your business. You need to give them all the tools, and all the steps to be able to go and create success. No excuses! No regrets! You and your life! You own your business.

Video Marketing Mastery Seminar

Just the other week my cousin and I attended a seminar based on Video Mastery presented by Natasha Zuvela. She took over from Steve Irwin as the Face of Crocodile Shows at Australia Zoo after his sad passing away. Shes has been a television celebrity and has a tonne of experience behind the camera. She is also a published author of  book called The Crocodile Effect, How To Conquer Fear & Live Your Dreams.In this Podcast I share a few things from the seminar as well as a few tips from myself.

People Do Business with People they Know, Like and Trust

People Do Business with People they Know, Like and Trust

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Fastest & Powerful Way & to Build Trust is In Person, second is over the phone and the 3rd is by using webinars and video.

So if we flip things around to get better leverage we would first show a video to the masses. Then filter people out and call them to get them to meet in person to make a sale or sign up a new business rep.

Video Marketing Statistics for the future

  1. By 2021 video will be 82% of all online content
  2. Facebook Live Video is said to grow to 1500% by 2021
  3. 200-300% increase in leads to your website
  4. 49% Increase in Revenue
  5. Social Media gets Shared 1200% 
  6. Online training video content will increase

Therefore you need to embrace Technology because your competition is not. Stand out from the pack and take up market share through video marketing. If your not creating video people are asking why not. They are going toyour website and if there are no videos they are asking themselves 3 Questions.

  1. Can I trust You?
  2. Do you understand me and my problems?
  3. Can you help me?

People don't remember what you say, but they remember how you make them feel. Be yourself and talk from the heart and make the emotional connection.

Video Marketing and Whats Stopping You?

We all have our reasons for not starting our video marketing campaign. There are many big ones but the biggest is usually fear. False Events Appearing Real. The little chatter box that goes off inside our head. You may have genuine fear of speaking in public, you hate your voice, you cant be bothered dressing up, technology baffles your mind. These are all just big excuses to procrastinate. Feel the Fear and do it anyway.

The truth is No one Cares about you. They are to busy worried about themselves. Your audience will most likely be small and will most likely post positive messages. To those that are negative simply block them. There is no room for negativity if your pursuit of happiness and success.

Video Marketing and going live.

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Tell them what your going to talk about
  3. Ask a question or tell them your sharing what you have learnt
  4. Deliver the value or the meat
  5. end with a call to action for them to reach out to you, comment or send you a message if they would like more information.

Post Live video - Prospect your Leads. Alead is anyone who has liked, commented or shared your video.

  1. Comment and reply to everyone who commented.
  2. Connect with the lead. To those who liked your video private message them and say "Hey thank for liking my video it really helps, Hey how are things and hows life?"
  3. Determine the need through conversation.
  4. Provide a solution if your product fits the needs.

Share and repurpose your videos. You can share them to other social media platforms to get better reach. 

Use your videos to solve peoples problems

Video Marketing Topics

  1. Share your Story
  2. Share your product results and team results
  3. Share knowledge you have picked up from Books, Podcasts of Videos.
  4. What your excited about and whats coming in the future.

If your waiting for things to be perfect you are the perfect example of procrastinating.

Keep creating Videos, make it a part of your daily schedule. You will find your rhythm and what your tribe likes. I hope you found this podcast useful. Just remember to get out there and get dirty. I hope You enjoyed this episode of the podcast. I would love to hear your feedback over on social or on the blog

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