How to Deal with Negative People

Negative People

From time to time, you will come across a few negative people. In this podcast, I will share with you some tips to help you deal with negative people.

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Dealing with Negative People, Key Takeaways.

You be the Judge and make them Audition for You
Remember the different Types of Bananas
Remember the Law of Need and Take it away from them

Resources Mentioned in this Podcast

Fanatical Prospecting - Jeb Blount
negative people

How to Deal with Negative People Transcription

On this episode we're going to talk about how to deal with negative people. Hey guys what is up. This is Will Kaa and you're listening to the MLM Game UP.

So if you're struggling with marketing and you have joined the NFL No friends left club and you don't have any more people to talk to. I want to help you step up and be a better marketer by helping you build your own personal brand and business online so you can reach financial freedom faster. So come on this journey to freedom with me and get your game up.

Hey guys what's up. Just want to do a quick podcast episode to help you deal with negative people. All right.

So you know I have decided to do this recording because lately I've just been getting a few people getting upset and not knowing how to deal with negative people. So I thought why not just shoot a podcast create this podcast about how to deal with negative people. So number one I want you to be like Simon Cowell so if you don't know who Simon Cowell is was he's a judge on American Idol the guy that you know. He gives the harsh criticisms but you know we like Simon Cowell and be like a judge on American Idol. People are auditioning to work with you. OK. So you are the star. You are the person and they are the ones that are trying to impress you so that they can work with you. So you have to flip it around and you have to flip it around so that you don't come across the person as needy they the person who has a problem. They are looking for a solution. So you're the person you're the judge are Simon Cowell you're the one who can take them to the promised land.

So just remember that when you going in to show somebody just have that attitude that you care but you don't care that much. So you're not attached to somebody's "No" and you're not attached to them saying "Yes". So basically when are you going into show people remember you're looking for the people who are looking for something. Be like Simon Cowell, you don't want to work with everybody. Trust me guys, I was a personal trainer for a long time and when you become needy and you start taking up anybody that's when your life can become really, really hard because dealing with negative people, it just makes you not want to be there. So the best thing to do is to be the person who goes ok. Judging by your attitude and what you're saying you're not really the person that I want to work with. Or this isn't for you, so just let them down like that.

Just from what you're saying to me, this just doesn't sound like a fit for you. So a lot of people talk about the apple but I like to talk about like the four types of bananas. So you got the green banana, you got a ripe banana you got overripe and and you got rotten bananas so that's very very similar to the apple analogy where you have an apple, a rotten apple.

So what happens when you put a rotten apple in your basket with good apples it spoils the rest of your of your basket of apples. So Basically if you're going to sign up somebody who's is negative that's what's going to happen in your business. Their negativity is going to end up in your business and all those good apples that you've picked all the good people that you have sponsored all those good customers that you've put into your business. They're going to get spoiled by that one rotten negative apple. So what you want to do is you want to make sure that you don't put rotten apples inside with your good apples. And so that's the analogy. But I'd like to use the bananas right because you know people that are negative toward your business or your products they're not always negative overall.

Right. Because if you if you look at it I like to use you know the banana analogy because I sort of think that it's a little bit more fitting because you know nobody likes to eat an overripe banana but you can turn over ripe banana into banana muffin, banana cake or you know a banana milkshake. But you wouldn't necessarily you still have your rotten ones and those are the ones that are really really really bad and you don't want to have. You can't get rid of those ones. But I like because just because somebody doesn't like your business or they don't like your products it doesn't mean they somebody they you want to hang out with. Maybe you'd like to go out surfing and that person you show your go "oh my mate, he you know he's going to love it. He's my best buddy.

I love going surfing with him. So if i show him this. He's going to be. He's going to surely sign up to this. He is surely going to get on board with me. And you show him and he's like. "Hehe this is a pyramid scheme.

And he he shows signs of being negative. But when you go "hey Bro you want to go for surf?" he's like yeah I'm all in. So that's what I mean by over ripe bananas they may not be good for the business but they are still cool people that you want to go and you know go surfing with. So that's my analogy. So green green bananas are the ones that come in. They sort of need a little bit more time they need a little bit more information before they make a decision. So you have to sort of rippen them up in order for them to come into the business. You got your ripe bananas.

That's probably you know you or your you know 20 percent of people they see it for the first time they super positive and they want to jump on board straight away. And then you've got the over ripe bananas. You know they don't want to do the business they don't want to use your products but they somebody who's cool you want to go surfing with. And then you've got the rotten bananas that you don't even want to hang out with them in the first place. What do you say to them the business just because you thought you could show them and then work through their network.

But obviously you showed them, super rotten don't even waste your time of them. So you know be like Simon Cowell remember just be like Simon be the judge. If somebody is showing you negative signs before you even show them the presentation just go hey you know you get the feeling they're feeling and you've got that I don't think I really want to be working with this person. You don't have to show them you don't have to work with everybody. Guys like just understand just because your company tells you to go show everybody. Doesn't mean that you should show everybody. If somebody is rotten and then they come on board and then then they start talking to everybody else. Are they gonna spoil it. Spoil your hard work. So I just remember if somebody is just showing negative signs just just don't even bother.

Like in the last one that I want to share with you, if somebody starts being negative take it away. So remember take it away from them first. So "hey this may or may not be for you. Either way it's all good. This is not going to affect our relationship. I just wanted to show you this to you first before I show it to heaps other people." So I take it away from them first and you say that "hey this may or may not be for you or this may not be a fit for you. You may not see anything in this" so take it away from them. So they are more leaning into towards you say if you take it away then they're going "hey hey I want to have a look at that" or "nah nah show me first showing me".

And I just want you guys to remember the law. It's called the Law of need and the law needs states that more you need something the less likely it is that you will get it. And I picked that up from a guy named Jeb Blount and he's the author of Fanatical Prospecting so I highly recommend that you guys go out and try to find that book on Amazon or Audible fanatical prospecting. Fantastic book. Heaps of awesome gold nuggets in all probably share with you a few of them along the way. But remember the Law of need if you going into a presentation needy you're going to probably push people away you're going to repel them because you know the more needy you get the more likely it is that something is that you're not going to get it. So I just remember don't be needy.

Be like Simon Cowell make them, get them to tell them why you should work with them. So you be the judge. And if somebody is showing negative any signs of being negative take it away from them. Say "hey I don't think this is a front for you". And they're going to go on and on are they going to try and justify to you why they should be or they should have a look at it or they should you know get a chance have a look at it. So take it away from them. Somebody is being negative just take it away. You've got your laptop open you're not giving you negative comments. You know they just having to stab at you just go close your laptop down and go hey you know just from what we've spoken about I think this is a fit for you.

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