How to post on Social Media 3x3x3 Social Stack

Are you struggling to come up with a simple strategy to post on social media?

In this episode we are going to talk about a simple social media posting strategy I call the 3x3x3 Social Stack.

This method will help you post on social media, engage with your old friends and build your network with some new eyes.

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How to Post on Social Media Transcription

In this Episode I want to talk to you about the three by three by three social stack. Let's do it.

HEY GUYS WHAT IS UP. This is Will Kaa and you're listening to the MLM Game Up. So if you're struggling in network marketing and you have joined the NFL. No friends left club and you don't have anymore people to talk to. I want to help you step up and be a better marketer by helping you build your own personal brand and business online so you can reach financial freedom faster. So come on this journey to freedom with me and Get Your Game Up.

Hey guys, Will Kaa here. I just want to talk to you today about my three by three by three Social Stack. So I just want to give you a little bit of advice on how to post on social media for those who are looking for some type of method to help you get more engagement on social media to maybe attract more people.

And basically what I've been doing in order to get more business. So the by three social stack, it starts with three posts on social media so you can basically post whenever you want. But if you want some suggested times.

The first one is between 6 and 9 a.m. in the morning.

The second one is 11am to 1:00 p.m. 

So midday when people are on lunch and then between 7 and 9 p.m.

Most people are chilling out ready to go to bed. You know some people just like to jump on social media and see what's going on. So if you post during those times you get a good chance of somebody liking it and then you can create a conversation through Facebook messenger or whatever social platform you're using. These three times is just generic and a lot of people do post during these times.

But a good way if you do have a Facebook fan page is to jump on your Facebook page and just have a look at your analytics and that will tell you when all the people who follow you or fan page are online the most so you can check that out. Just go into Facebook analytics and it will show you the best times where the most people are on social media but you're find that you know those three times that are stated the ones that are most lucky you're posts are going to pop up on because that's where most people are on social media.

But just remember guys Facebook is always changing the algorithm. So when you're talking about Facebook you might be posting during these times but just remember there is a whole heap of other people that are posting during these times as well. And if you can't get onto social media during these times then the time to post anything on social as when you're on social right. So sometimes you might be on social super early post something on social media super early. You never know who is on social media and what time they are. Because if you're posting during these normal generic times you might be missing people that are looking for your product or whatever you're trying to promote during those other times. So if you just do random post times, different times you may find that you get a different crowd of people jumping onto your social media and commenting and liking.

So that's the start of a 3 by 3 social stack on social media. So do three posts on social media during whenever you can get on Facebook or your social media platform wherever you are. So the second one is three messages to friends so they say these three friends maybe somebody has liked your social media post. You can just send them a message, say "Hey it's been a while, how are you? Would be great to catch up or be great to jump on the phone for call with you.". However you normally connect with these people just send them a message through messenger or however whatever platform you're using. Just send them a message and say "hey how you been/ how are you?. Would be great to catch up". So three messages to three friends. That's the second part of the three.

Three by three by three social stack. And the last one is three invites to cold market. So there's a few different ways that you can find people on Facebook and social media. You can go for your friends of friends. You can use Facebook on your app. These are part. It saves you know people who does a part on Facebook. They say discover people. So if you go into the Discover people part of the Facebook app that will come up and show people or people in your local area so you could reach out to them and you could have a look at the little little look at their profile first before you see the message.

But you can go and say hey whatever the name is say "Hey Jack I found you on you know my friends from our friends of friends and say you had to look at the profile you get and give them a compliment.

Hey I really like you, You know we have a few things in common. Going into the gym I see you like to go on holidays or you know whatever. And what ever you see that you have in common with them. Just give them a complement about that and then be straight up I'd like to be straight up because people always or who is this guy who's trying to talk to me especially for the opposite sex you want to say you want to tell them why you're contacting them and say hey I use Facebook to build my business. This is a shot in the dark but I'm just curious. Would you be open to a side project if it didn't interfere with what you're currently doing.

If you're not open no big deal. So basically what you're doing it is just you're saying you're reaching out to them. Because you don't want to come across as a robot and like say you just say reach out say I saw you on this fan page or when you feel more friends of friends list. Give them a compliment or something you have in common and tell them what your intentions are.

Say "Hey use Facebook and social media to build my business. This is a shot in the dark but I'm just curious. Would you be open to a side project if it didn't interfere with what you're currently doing. If you're not open no big deal."

So you can take your putting it out there that if they're looking for something. You know if they open you could have something you want to share with them but if they're not no big deal so you're not putting any pressure on them to say yes.

So they're not going to feel like they have to say yes to you so very very high conversion rate when you use a simple invite like this.

So that's basically the 3x3x3 social stack do three posts on social media.

Message three friends say you haven't spoken to for a while say "hey been all while, how are you? be cool to catch up". And then send three invites to your cold market. Because you know, Your Net worth comes from your network. So basically if you're building your network up every single day you will. Your net worth is going to increase so it's going to take time. So this is the minimum I like to do. You can do extra doing invites or you can do on sending messages to friends. But just be on make sure guys don't go over 10 Facebook messages in an hour. So maybe do five or do you know you could do as your going through that day maybe you do a social post and then straight to your social post you do. You send one message to one of your friends. How you been doing. Great to catch up and then you do a cold market invite and what you could do it every time you do that social post.

You could follow up with a message to a friend and then follow up with an invite to somebody from your cold market. So thats the 3x3x3 social stack.

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