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In this episode we are going to talk about how life is a Rubik's Cube and in this episode Im going to show you why most people say "No".

And why life is like a Rubik's cube. Hey guys what is up. This is Will Kaa And you're listening to the MLM Game Up. So if you're struggling in network marketing and you have joined the "NFL" no friends club and you don't have anymore people to talk to. I want to help you step up and be a better a marketer by helping you build your own personal brand and business online so you can reach financial freedom faster. So come on this journey to freedom with me and get your game up. 

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Life is a Rubik's Cube

Hey guys what's up. Just wanted to do this short episode for you and I want to talk about life is a Rubik's Cube. So the topic is life is a Rubik's Cube and you may be thinking What has this got to do with MLM and it has everything to do with the MLM because in business and in life when most people are trying to run their life they have. 

Think about the things that are most important to them as all the colors that are on a Rubik's Cube. So you may have blue which may be work. You may have orange which is their time freedom and you could be white which is maybe their health and their spiritual goals may be red is their dreams and their goals. Green could be their money and finance and yellow could be their family and the social life. 

Rubik's Cube Colours Represent Key Goals

So if you think about life as a Rubik's Cube and you give every single most important thing a color. Most peoples lives are kind of not in order. So if you think about a Rubik's Cube when you have to have certain things in line and you have to do things in a certain way in order to get those colors matching up. So think about that when you come along and you see people and you introduce your business to them. They might have one color in their life which is awesome. So one color might be covering all all sides of that Rubik's Cube. But if you look at the other parts of the life its a mess. Like everything's a mess so just think about this when you approach people with your business. They might be showing you everything thats awesome and in line so all the colors are perfect. 

Rubik's Cubes are Usually Messy

So whatever it is they not be perfectly happening in their life but when you look and your ask questions and you find out what else is happening in their life you can see that it could be a little bit messy.  Messy a little bit unorganized and it's your job to go out and find out where they are struggling. What part are they having trouble with and you being yourself with that coach as a coach and you want to help more people achieve results in their life with you using your product or through your business you may be able to help them with their health. You may be able to help them with the growth of their business or their financials. You might be out to give them time freedom, the ability to be able to spend more time with their family. 

Solve the Rubik's Cube and Ask Better Questions

Whatever their main priority is you need to find out what that is and give them a solution to the problem and that could be your product or the self-development that you learn through your business. So I just want to just make that analogy that people's lives are like a Rubik's Cube. So when you come along they might be talking about their problems that they're having. And if you can provide a solution through your product or service or your company offer them a solution. Ask them if they open. Say hey I see you're struggling with you know your financial circumstances. If you're open I have something that may be for you. If not no big deal. So don't apply pressure and you need to know that most people are going to say no to your business opportunity or even your products because their life is is quite messy. 

Let Them Rearrange Their Rubik's Cube

So when you offer it to them they're looking. Hey I really need to sort out my health here It's a bit messy. So maybe I just need to try and move a few of these around and try and get a few parts of my life organized so that I can make room to be able to improve my health improve the time with the family whatever their goal is. You need and as a person they may be trying to organize this themselves. But if they really really if he can tap into their desires in the was what they really want maybe you can help them move these colors around faster and help them organize their life a little bit more so they can move to making a decision. 

See some people, they will their life will be a mess and there is maybe 2% out of 100 that will say yes to you know using your product straight away or using coming on board or as a representative for your business. 

You just need to understand that not everybody is going to say yes when you show them the business because their life is messy and they need to move a few things around in order for them to say yes and move to making a decision. 

Your Business Rubik's Cube

So guys your business is the same if you decided to assign each color on the Rubik's Cube a different part of your business. Maybe blue could be prospecting, orange could be inviting, white could be presenting, closing could be red, green could be promoting and yellow could be training. So if you think about your business and you want to become a Master of your business you need to learn how to get all these colors in order and in line so that each each side of the Rubik's cube represents a part a critical part of your business. And if you can't get all those colors lined up then you will be a master. So how do you do that? Personal development, going to your company trainings and learning all those things. And guys it does take time to be a Master so I don't expect to walk into your first company training and get all these colors lined up some people can do it naturally and very easily but others it may take a lot of time to organize and get each of these colors sorted and you know just remember it's going to take time to give yourself a chance to get that going. Also online with with your marketing. 

You might have think about your business as you start building it online as all these different colors are a part of your business. You know you have got content creation, you've got traffic and leads you've got a lead capture you got your e-mail follow up you've got your product sales and training. So each one of these colors was representing a party or a business and it's up to you to learn all these parts and get all the colors all lined up. 

So they each side of the Rubik's cube has all these colors lined up and as you go you may have to move things around say if everything is awesome and going well with blue which maybe content creation in your marketing business. Maybe you need to dial down on your marketing so that you can maybe improve a different area of your business and then because you already know. And you can master the marketing you can come back and you can master it and maybe to move a few things around in order to get your business going well and. 

Solve Your Rubik's Cube Faster

So how do you solve a Rubik's cube? A good one is to get a mentor. You know, keep going to those trainings, keep following people. Taking advice of people that have gotten the success. Maybe there's somebody out there who has success with finances, go and learn how to get all those. All those colors on the Rubik's Cube lined up so you can master that. Reach out you know look for people online find out people who can help you master that each side of the Rubik's Cube. And remember it's going to take time. But remember most important thing is that most people when you approach them with your business are going to say no because it is a mess. But anyway guys remember when your attitude is right the facts dont count because the facts are just other people's opinions. No excuses no regrets. You own your Life go master your Rubik's Cube Today. See you on the next episode.

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