On this page you will find products that I stand by and currently use in my businesses. 

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Disclaimer: Some of the links on this page are Affiliate links.

Hey Guys, this page shows some of the tools I recommend.

Some of the links are affiliate links, which means If you decide to purchase a product through my links I will receive a small commission. That way I can keep producing FREE content with your support.

Feel free to contact me and ask if you have any questions before purchasing.

I will be happy to help where I can.

Building Your Website and Blog

Panthur for Website Domain and Hosting Services (Australia) 

Are you looking to get your blog started? This is the service that I personally use and I have been great provider. If you are based in Australia or your fan base is based in Australia I suggest you use Panthur as your Domain and Hosting service provided. If you live in America or any other country it might be wiser to use a service like Bluehost.

Landing Pages for WordPress

Thrive Themes, Conversion Focused WordPress Themes and Plugins

Do you want to have a professionally designed theme for your blog that is built to convert? 

Forget about using different providers to piece together your website in order for it to convert. Thrive Themes is the one stop shop when it comes to building your website. Easy to use page builders and the best plugins to build your list fast and keep your fans happy. Not only do you get access to these great tools, you also get a stack of training videos to help get your website converting and working the way it should. If you didn't know this website was built with Thrive Themes.

Follow Up with a Strong Email Provider

AWeber Email Marketing Services 

One of the most critical parts of your marketing system is email. Build your email list and provide your fans with all the information they need. With the limiting reach of social media take back control and get your message delivered to your fans.

Set up Automated messages so your fans get the information they need in the fastest way possible.​

Wise Stamp

Do you want to make your emails look more professional?

Stand out from the crowd and add a professional look to your emails. Links to your social media and save time adding your details and links to every email. Check them out today!

FREE Tools to Boost Your Social Presence



One of the Best tools online to create awesome graphics for your website. Its a free tool and they have many free designs and images for you to use. Pay only for special photos for your project and most only cost $1. You will be happy you found this as you can create awesome graphics until your eyes fall out.



Stay in contact with your clients, business partners and team virtually FREE. So much benefits to Skype you just need to get into it and make use of it.

Out Sourcing and Video Tools



Get somebody to create something for your website for a small fee. Great place to go when you don't have the skills to get the job done yourself.



One of the Best one stop shop for building your online resources. Awesome place to find templates, images, audio, software and a whole heap of other things to get your blogs and presentations looking even more professional.



Are you looking to create awesome videos for your marketing strategy? Check out Screenflow one of the best tools for editing videos on a MAC.