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Stop Splaying Hot Durian

Hot Durian is a Game I play on with my Daughters. You may be asking what does that have to do with business? It has everything to do with your Business.

When we get started in business many of us start by playing the "Hot Durian" method of building our business. Its through not being aware of what we are doing. In this episode I want to raise awareness of it so that the "Hot Durian Effect" can be minimised.

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Hot Durian What is it?

​Hot Durian, you might be wondering what I'm talking about.Hot durian is a little game that I play with my daughter's on PlayStation from the movie series Madagascar. In hot durian the name of the game is everybody is in a circle and so is a durian fruit. They pass it around in a circle, and in the circle as you pass the durian around it heats up and then explodes.

​So when it explodes that person in the circle dies so then, you get left with fewer people. So what I'm talking about when I say "stop playing hot durian!" is stop passing your company or getting people signed up in your company and just leaving them with the hot durian not knowing what to do. Then letting it explode on them and then having them drop off and fall out of the company because that's what a lot of us are doing.

Hot Durian is Killing Your Business​

​We're playing hot durian forgetting people we signed up, and we're leaving them alone not showing them how to create success for their business. Then they're dropping off, and then they say "hey Network Marketing, it's no good" and then they're telling all their friends about it. How they had no support, how they didn't know what to do, how it sucked, and then it's giving us a bad name.

​Stop playing hot guys, stop passing people the hot durian and with them not knowing what to do with it and blowing up. So you need, we need to be helping them create some steps for them to get success. Because a lot of people falling off and I know a lot of leaders out there say you find people that are willing to work. But if you're not giving them some basic steps, or not providing an outline with some basics tips on how they need to be good and how they need to get going, it's never gonna grow.

​I know a lot of us or a lot of people say it's really easy to get people started but it's hard to keep your team together. I just want to ask you to ask yourself this question.What steps are you giving to people for them to create success? I'm not talking about creating a massive list of things to do but just giving them some small, simple things to go out and do. Like a week to week list of tasks to grow their business.

​Many people out there are not ready to take charge and not ready to crush it like a rhinoceros, but we don't pay them any favours by not giving them anything to do.

​People Are Like Sheep

​People are like a like sheep. Most people are stuck in the employee mindset where they go to a job there waiting for their boss to tell them what to do so they can keep going. You need to treat your new reps, your new members as people that are starting at your new job. You need to give them instructions; you need to tell them what to do, you need to keep an eye over their shoulder, you need to show them, you need to hold hands with them and show them a few things so they can get going.

​Once you're confident in their abilities, you can let them go and create their success, and you teach people how to do the same thing. But you need to stop just getting people signed up and shaking hands and saying "Good luck with you mate, hope you do well."

​So that's a thing that I've seen, it's happened to me twice. I was ready to roll, but nobody was there to show me what to do. I had to go figure it out for myself. Unlike most people, I was the type of person that looks at everything as a formula.

​Successes is a formula.You need all those variables in your formula plugged in, and then you get your result. I just wanted to go out and find those little things that I needed. But most people they are not willing to find the formula.

​It's easier to say "this doesn't work I'm just going to cancel my membership, I'm going to quit doing this business. I'm going to quit using these products because I don't know what to do with them. I don't know how I should be using them.

No Hot Durians, Just Action Steps​.

​Go out and create a step of actions that new people need to do. Whenever they start. Ok, you need to do step one, as soon as you do step 1 come back to me I'll give you step 2. Or you can give them a list they can do, and it's not a massive list of things.

​Give them small things that they can do by themselves. What you also need to do is you just need to keep them accountable. Just ask them what they need, help them create success.

​It all starts with their goals. So what goals do they have? Figure out what they want, how much do you want to make, what kind of results for the product.Create some actions for them but always keep an eye on them guys. Don't just play the hot durian. Don't pass the buck and let them go for it and hope they survive the explosion of the durian.

​Other than that guys, remember your only one person away from an explosion in your business. You need to give them all the tools, and all the steps to be able to go and create success. No excuses! No regrets! You and your life! You own your business!

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