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Today we are going to be talking about Marketing on Facebook and social media. There are a few things that I see happening on Facebook that is not helping anybody and need to be spoken about so that people can get better results for themselves and their customers. You can find todays show notes over at I have the video version of the podcast. If you would like to leave your feedback you can do that also.

Key Takeaways from This Podcast Episode

Stop Pushing Your Network Marketing Company Directly on Social Media​

Talk about the results that your products and services created for you, your family and friends.

Speak more about the results and the problems that your product will solve for them​.

Do not be so specific and speak more in general terms. Ask them to reach out if they need help.​

Here is the transcription of the podcast

Are you hindering or helping people?

I just want to talk about this because I am seeing a lot of Network Marketers and Affiliate marketers as well as other people posting about their company on Facebook and Social media and its not helping anyone.

They are not creating any curiosity but they are creating Massive Resistance.

You might be a part of a group to do with anything and then somebody will come in and then I'll post a link how

“Join my opportunity”

“hey do you want to make $500 in a single month”

“take my shakes”

“you need to try my skin care products”

All these types of things you might be seeing in these groups but if you look at the engagement on this posts there is either zero engagement or they have a lot of likes and comments but you know that the people that I like and comment on their posts are just from the same network marketing company. So they are just giving them support but if you look into the comments nobody is really asking for the product or service.

Whatever is being offered because these posts are spammy and just I want to talk about this in this episode and this is a Truth Hurts Tuesday episode where I like to use this as a reminder to myself of the things I shouldn't be doing in order to get clarity and tell myself what I should be doing.

I just want to show you what I've been seeing out on social media, on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, I've been seeing a lot of this happening and it's not helping you and it's not helping you it's not helping the people you're trying to help and you know it's not helping anybody really it's just creating spam on the internet and taking up space. You know it's not helping anybody really it's just creating spam on the Internet and it's just taking up a lot of space so basically what you need to not be doing, is you don't need whatever your opportunity is and what ever you are trying to offer don't just plaster it out on on Facebook saying “hey come and join my team” were only the best whatever,

were the best XYZ travel company

were the best XYZ supplement company,

Were the Best XYZ best face products

Because basically what you're doing is your telling people exactly what you're doing so you're not creating any curiosity. You're giving them a reason to go and have a look because what I'll tell you people are doing social media. They won't comment, they wont like, whatever your comment on commenting on. The posts you create, people will not engage with them, they will see them and snoop around have a look around and see whats going on.

But there's the old monster lady from Monsters INC and she is like always watching. People are not engaging with your post but they're watching.

So if you say the exact name of your company people jump on Google have a look and search company Xyz. They will find XYZ is a scam, Xyz review, don't buy XYZ, watch this video before you buy XYZ or before you join XYZ company. So if you're putting it out there if you want telling people exactly what you're doing. What they're going to do, they will jump on Google have a look, they are going to see, this is a scam, this is a bad product, you should use this one because some marketer out there has created content because they knew that people will be looking for that company that product, they find it and I'll say hey instead of buying that, buy this or look at this come and join my team because this is what I offer you on top of your normal network marketing company will do.

So you have lost that person and if they come across that and they find out it's a scam they see if you already have already created your own story on your own because they listened to somebody else's influence.

As people we are programmed to think negatively right, so think about it it's just we are programmed to think safety. Think about it, so if we went back into the days back in the old school days with Sabre Tooth Tigers and Dinosaurs were running around we are always weary about what was around because we are thinking about survival and then and now so technology Technology. Modern-day technology is available to people jump on Google and look for the bad things because I don't want to get involved in something that could harm me because it's all Survival.

So by putting your company name out there by putting your product name out there you have given them the opportunity to go and have a look find out all these bad things. Because your DNA is designed to go find a bad things, and then they have made up their mind. So when you post on Social they say I’m not going to go talk to little Billy because he s doing one of those pyramid scheme things. I know this product so bad and expensive and blah blah blah other things and people off.

Things that people put out on social media on Google on the Internet they Rundown your product and your service or your company.

So what do you need to be doing instead of posting what your company is, talk about things associated with it. So if you're in health and fitness or youself supplements or some type of thing like that talk about the benefits of your product don't mention it just talk about something say if your products for weight loss. Talk about weight loss foods, Here’s 5 foods and supplements that will help you on your weight loss and don’t talk about your company. Maybe ones protein powder, maybe ones you liver cleansing tablets, maybe one is fish oil. So you tell them all those things and you say hey if you want some great products and if you want to know what I'm using comment in the comments below and I can send you some information. So then you've got a lead to talk to you for your business.

But don't talk about to them exactly what your doing because your giving them the power and it's not doing good for them. They will ignore you, block you on social media and they're not going to talk to you about what you have that can help them. They may have been looking for help in the industry for whatever product you had but because you put it out there you've plastered it there all over Facebook they found out what you doing exactly.

They took one look and thought that's not for me.

What people need to do is to talk about that topic and general, talk about the topic and ask if you want some information about the products or what I'm doing just drop by and I'll be happy to forward you some information or if you have samples I'll be happy to send some samples Whatever it is don't be super specific about your company.

When your on social media social media, constantly talking about the same thing, every single post to the same thing they talking about Shakes, here is me and my shakes again, me drinking shakes, here’s me and my shake in the gym. People get turned off by seeing the same thing on the TV, on the radio. People start to tune out, they hear it like a couple of times I might be interested about then when it just keeps on playing in front of them getting put in front of them it could just be there so they create would like us to advertising blindness. It's just go straight over the head that only remember seeing it because we've seen it a thousand times before. It didn’t interest them the first time and second time what is it going to interest them is the see it 10 or 100 times more. Its not.

Change up your posts, be creative, creative curiosity, by talking about what have you been doing, talk about your results, talk about how it's helped your family go on a holiday because of your home based business.

Talk about the results not the product. Tell people if they want to know more about what you're doing, just drop a comment below and you will have to send them some information. Because what I've learnt from doing over 200 live videos is that your either going to be attracting people or you are going to repel them.

Most people are pushing people away because they're creating resistance because they are trying to push push push push push everything. But they're not asking people “hey what do you need do you need some help with this I can help you, maybe we can sit down and have a chat and if it's not all good”.

You have that type of attitude, “you have to care, but not that much”.

Ask better questions, create curiosity, talk about things in general and ask if you want information send me a message and I'll be happy to help you and point you in the right direction.

So let's go, stop talking about your company and start talking about your results and what your products and services can do in general.

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