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​Change is hard for new reps getting started in your MLM or Network Marketing Business. You can make change easier with 3 basic principles in the book Switch

Todays podcast is about Change. Its basically lessons that I learnt from the book Switch written by Chip and Dan Heath. How to Change, When Change is Hard. 

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​Other than that guys, remember your only one person away from an explosion in your business. You need to give them all the tools, and all the steps to be able to go and create success. No excuses! No regrets! You and your life! You own your business!


​The 3 Steps to Creating Change

1. Direct the Rider -Give Clear Instructions

2. Motivate The Elephant - Focus on Feelings and Emotions

3. Set The Path - Create Step by Step Instructions and Milestones​

​We can separate our brains into two halves. The Logical side which is the Conscious, Deliberate side and The Emotional Side which is the Unconcious Automatic. Picture a man sitting on an elephant. The Rider is the Logical side and the Elephant is the Emotional side.

Who do you think is in charge? The Rider or the Elephant?

For change to happen they both need to be working in harmony.

​Change For the Rider

#1 Direct The Rider. The Rider Tends to always look at the problems and loves to focus on the negative & over analyse. So we need to give the rider a set of clear instructions to avoid the deadly "Decision Paralysis".

The more choices we give the rider the more the rider will lead the elephant around in circles. More Choices = Taxing Will Power.

So if you believe your team is lazy or they don't do anything you may be mistaken. Laziness is often mistaken for Exhaustion as the rider has run out of Will Power
. Our source of will power is limited. Imagine a rider who is trying to pull a elephant in the opposite direction to which it wants to go. Eventually the elephant wins. So Resistance is often a lack of clarity. What simple specific thing can they do?

Look for the Bright Spots. Whats already working? The rider needs crystal clear instructions and fewer choices. We can help the rider or new people who join the company by giving them a specific list of step by step instructions. Script the Critical Moves, Prospecting, Inviting, Presenting, Handling Objections, 

Change and the Mirror Exposure Effect.

The Mirror Exposure Effect is where people are put in a new environment and the begin to mirror the actions of those around them. You can use this with your new reps. Take them out and expose them to the process. Soon they will begin to mirror your actions, what you say, how you act, how you communicate. The more you can expose your reps the more they will mirror the new behaviours.

People may be resistant initially because the activities and unfamiliar for them. As you expose people they begin to except changes and mirror New Behaviours. Behaviour is Contagious and eventually resistance turns to support.

​Change For the Elephant

​The Elephant is driven by emotions and feelings. The Elephant is the Drive and the Power and Gets things done. Elephants are hard to move if they are not motivated. So how do we get the elephant motivated?

We change the elephant by focusing on feeling and emotions. What do they care about? Ask better questions. Unlock their why by asking questions. Why did they get started? keep asking why until they get the drive and the power source. When you find the Why you will unlock their unlimited power.

Shrink the Change. The elephant part of the mind is not motivated by big visions as it looks like a tonne of work and it demotivates them.Big Tasks Demotivate the Elephant so we need to create small steps and tasks to get them moving in the right direction. The elephant loves Recognition and Rewards. If we want the elephant to change, what can we do to reward them. It might be a simple congratulations for getting to the meeting tonight. A little pat on the back can go a long way for the elephant mind.

Create Your Destination Postcard. This is a visual aid or picture of where you want to be or why you are working hard at your current task. This keeps the elephant focused on the goal.

Change by Setting the Path

​The final part of the framework is create the roadmap for change and point them in the right direction.

Rally The Herd - Get Everyone on the same Path. Tweak the Environment by getting new reps to your weekly meet ups and presentations. Get them plugged into the Facebook groups and interacting with other members so they can feel a part of the herd. Get them looking at others getting success,

Create checklists. Start to create checklists for all the processes and procedures so that everyone can be on the same path. The Beauty of being a part of a Network Marketing Business is that the company will take care of all the Major Recognition and Steps it takes to get there. As a leader you need to focus on the path in between that.

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